Meet the Housestaff

Courtney Reynolds, MD
Hometown Martinez, CA
Undergraduate UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Medical School UC Irvine
Irvine, CA
Program Track Categorical Internal Medicine
Career Plans Academia/Research
What attracted you to OVMC? What attracted you to OVMC? Caring for an underserved population while seeing incredible pathology
What is your favorite memory from OVMC? The retreat! It's amazing to get a chance to kick back with everyone together
What is the rarest disease you've seen at OVMC? HLH secondary to EBV infection
What is your favorite restaurant in LA? Tough question! I'll say Yamashiro's which is a Japanese restaurant in the Hollywood Hills built back in 1910's, has killer views.
What are your hobbies? Running, singing, cooking and binge watching Amy Schumer