Meet the Housestaff

Christian Zayek, MD
Hometown Santa Ana, CA
Undergraduate UC Irvine
Irvine, CA
Medical School University of Mississippi
Jackson, MS
Program Track Categorical Internal Medicine
Career Plans Currently undecided, but considering Hospitalist Medicine
What attracted you to OVMC? Olive View has an incredible variety of advanced disease pathologies, and the patients we treat come from underserved communities. The patients are extremely grateful for the medical treatment they are provided, and it is a privilege to be able to serve them. Still, the close interaction between attendings and residents and the family-like atmosphere in the hospital is what attracted me. Everyone is very friendly and there is a strong atmosphere conducive to good learning as a resident. Immediately I felt a connection when I visited here during my away rotation as a 4th year medical student.
What is your favorite thing to do in LA? I'm just getting started exploring all the great restaurants and venues in Santa Monica. The options are endless. Also, I'm a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, so trying new pizza places around LA is always fun.
What are your hobbies? Watching movies and religious studies