Housestaff Comments

"In moving across the country from South Carolina to a place I've never been, I had plenty of concerns, as anyone would. Family and friends back home would playfully warn me about traffic jams, earthquakes, wildfires, and celebrity culture. But the truth is, I wasn't concerned about any of that.

I was mostly concerned about how I would fit in out here, particularly at OV-MC. You go on numerous interviews and you hear buzzwords like teamwork and family, but you can never truly know if a program is as authentic as it appears to be. Nonetheless I had a hunch about this place and now I couldn't be happier. I enjoy getting up and going to work more than I ever have. The residents and nurses have been top-notch and I wish I could name them all. The other day, Felicia Yu and myself were leaving Endocrine clinic and we both could not put into words how happy we were here.

The culture at Olive-View is amazing. I never thought I would be good friends with over half my class after a month of residency. I never thought I could walk down to the cafeteria and be acknowledged by 2 or 3 attendings who already knew my name. I don't know how you manage to get such quality people but I am lucky to be a part of it.

This place is great. Thanks for having me."

George Huddleston, PGY3

"As a medical student from UCLA, I had my first introduction to Olive View-UCLA during my 3rd-year clerkships. I found it to be a program full of dedicated teaching attendings and a group of residents who enjoyed each other and were dedicated to patient care. This coupled with my desire to work with the county population are the main reasons why I wanted to do my residency at Olive View-UCLA. Having recently graduated from the program, I can say that I have received a top-notch training and made lasting friendships."

Roger Yu, Chief Resident
"I chose Olive View because it offers a good balance of inpatient and outpatient training and balance between rigorous training and time to read and relax. During inpatient months, residents work hard, but since there are only 6 inpatient months during the intern year, one has plenty of opportunity to rest and read during outpatient months. Residents are allowed to make independent clinical decisions yet attending backup is always readily available. There is a collegial atmosphere that allows resident to work more like a peer with the attending as opposed to a subordinate. Besides, our program directors and attendings go clubbing with us in Vegas. You can't beat that!"

Andy Su, PGY-2
"The greatest thing about Olive View is how every member of the patient care team, including RT, PT, nursing, etc, helps each other out. I've been to many hospitals, but in no other place have I seen people that are as willing to help me help the patient."

Reza Khorsan, PGY-3
"My wife and I ranked Olive View first because we were impressed by how responsive the administration was to the needs of the housestaff. 3 years later, we are happy to say that that 1st impression has proven to be true. For example, the Olive View program took great pains in order to match up our schedules, a consideration that made transitioning into residency much more enjoyable."

Michael Cho, PGY-3
"Olive View is the finest example of balance. We are fully supported in our ambitious drive to build a framework for our careers, but we are equally supported when life takes an unexpected turn (i.e. pregnancies, family emergencies). This speaks to the character of our program and shows me that I'm respected as a person, rather than merely viewed as a resident who puts in my required hours."

Sue Chung, Chief Resident
"After being on an away rotation for a month, it is so nice to come back and have everyone from cafeteria staff to nurses, colleagues and administrators smile, say hi and that they missed you!"

Colette Wiseman, PGY-2 (IM/EM)
"It is hard to stay away from a place with so many smiling residents."

Ali Amini, PGY-2
"Whether you are looking for a supportive faculty and house staff, or an educational environment with diverse patient population to learn from, you will find it here at OVMC."

Tarik A. Ngab, PGY1
"After being away for six weeks (first for vacation and then at UCLA-SM for geri), I arrived back at Olive View last Friday. As I pulled up, I was overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia, gratefulness, and comfort and actually had to sit in my car for a few moments to pull myself together. I realized how much Olive View had come to mean to me, and how grateful I was, and am, for the experience I have had here. I can only imagine how those of you graduating after being here for much longer feel...

From the very first day of being a new 3rd year from 'King,' I never once felt out of place and was so warmly welcomed by each and everyone of you. At first, I was uncertain how a new, or rather, three new 3rd years would be accepted into what is widely known as such a happy and close knit program. My fears were dispelled the very first moment I got here. I was greeted by smiles and sincere personalities from every person I encountered.

I will forever be grateful to each and everyone of you, and Olive View will always have a special place in my heart for giving me the chance to complete my residency in such a wonderful environment."

Amna Rizvi, Resident Class of 2008